*No question is mandatory, they are mostly to understand what are your strong sides.
*Please explain how did you arrive at the solution (I already know this because I have done that, I googled X, a friend helped me once, I follow some nice youtube channels, ecc..)
*Please notice any \.docx? file will be deleted.
*Please use as a programming language Php / C++ / Python / Java , JS is allowed only for the front end question.

General Programming

  1. Do you use linux ? If so why ?

  2. Do you follow any blog / youtube channel related to the STEM field ? If so which one ?

  3. Tell me something about the Turing Machine, and the halting problem.

  4. Did you have a Github/Bitbucket/SourceForge account ? Please show me some code.
    Can you please provide the address, so we can check some code ?

  5. When is acceptable to use floating-point numbers, and when not, do a practical example.
    So, if I have to store / perform any kind of processing on a number like 12345.123408787280607358 what do I have to do ? I want full precision, no truncation, no rounding, no nothing.

  6. With which style do you like to format code ?
    Not the tool, I would like to know the STYLE name.

  7. Write a code to generate a certain amount of random numbers, estimate what should be the expected average, and than print the deviation between actual result and theoretical one.

  8. Write a program that prints the numbers from -712 to 7.
    But for multiples of 4 print "X" instead of the number and for the multiples of 5 print "Y". For numbers which are multiples of both 4 and 5 print ONLY"Z"
    Please note :
    If you know how to use Javascript please change the range from 9007199254741001 to 9007199254741254.
    Explain why the code is producing garbage / why 9007199254741001 does not exist in javascript ?
    What you can do to avoid such problem ?

  9. Do you know regular expression ?
    Please show some examples.

    More on the Front End side

  10. This page is intentionally ugly! Without ANY change in the underlying HTML structure, and using ONLY CSS make it look better.

  11. Same as before, but you can now use also Javascript

  12. Did you check if it looks good also on mobile ?

  13. Please recreate this form, but ensure the question (do not worry about the text content, just make the 4 block, place some bullet point inside, write some random text) is loaded from a JSON.

    More on the Back End side

  14. This page is not valid HTML, why ? Make it so.

  15. Generate such valid HTML but dynamically (do not worry about the text content, just make the 4 block, place some bullet point inside, write some random text)

  16. Write a code to compare letter like "Â", against the base one "A".
    In other words a comparison like this should return true
    somePreprocessing("Ḽ") == "L"

  17. Have you ever used tools like Redis, or in general key value database ?

  18. If you have used some kind of mapping (list of accent to strip, list of character to perform substitution) to answer question 15 (the comparison between "Ḽ" and "L"), please find some character for which your function will fail ^_^.
    Feel free to use Elder Fuþark rune as input.

    More for Sysadmin

  19. Do you know how to install a working php enviroment (the so called LAMP stack) ? Including the web server that can be accessible from remote ?

  20. Do you know how to register a web site, get an SSL certificate, and than install something like wordpress / joomla / mediawiki ?